Image of No One Finds Home on the Highway Zine

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No One Finds Home on the Highway Zine


Risograph printing with pantone neon pink on recycled paper stock.

The title of this zine refers to one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn over the last three years. It is easy to get swept up in what you perceive as the dominant narrative, the highway. I tend to live very much for a perception of my future self, often at the sacrifice of my present. I have a habit of setting high standards and aspirations for myself, often unconsciously, and am inevitably hard on myself when they are not realised. Self criticism can be both a great strength and a great weakness. Choosing a path to follow can be one of the most daunting and recurring events in life. It may seem easier to follow the highway, the dominant narrative, but no one finds home on the highway. Sometimes you have to deviate, loop back or forge your own path. It seems an obvious lesson, but is the hardest to learn.